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For centuries the pentagram has been associated as the sign of evil,

devil worshipping or at the very least fear…

Why will people accept the stories of evil and in fact embrace them as truth without doing any research on the subject but will not accept when someone says “This is Divine” without dissecting it with the

intention to discredit it?


I want to tell you a short story that is a true

part of our history:

There once was a time when people honored the land, the skies, the seasons and the elements as a way of life. These people knew the time to plant, to grow, to harvest, to hunt and to rest. They woke with the sun and gave thanks for it rising. They honored the plants, the waters, the soil, and the stones- They saw Divinity in all things because their wisdom was knowing all things are connected and they “owned” nothing. They lived by the inner knowing and understanding they were guests of the earth mother and she would provide for them and to honor All was to honor Self. They had sacred spaces in nature, places they gathered to celebrate or to worship. They lived by the “wheel of the year” special holidays known as Sabbats that gave acknowledgment to the wisdom of nature- Sure they had their disagreements, but they were peaceful and in tune with the rhythms of the Universe. They used plants to make medicine for all illness, as well as to boost energy and meditate.

They were known as Pagan meaning people of the land and Wicca meaning Wise Ones. This was a time of the matriarch- our Earth Mother and using the Divine Feminine wisdom within All.

There were many symbols used to increase the flow of energy and harness the elemental energy- One of these symbols is the pentagram, a 5-sided star with each point represented by one of the 5 elements in nature. Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Spirit. The circle is another sacred symbol- there is no beginning and no end- it is a symbol of connection. It is used to create protection around a space it is referred to and known as the sacred circle … A pentagram is an encircled 5-pointed star


How did the pentagram become known as “evil”?

The power-driven kings wanted more power and control- they wanted the people of the land to stop practices of worshipping the ALL and to worship only One God- the God of their making with the new rules and punishment if they didn’t believe. The kings wanted the people to feel fear and succumb to their way of worshipping their “new God” inside of their elaborate buildings.

They built armies from the men of the villages by commanding them to join or die- They put fear in the people by destroying homes and killing just to kill. They started propaganda against mother earth- because they did not want people using the plants to heal, the skies to learn from, the moon cycles and Sabbats. The new religion taught of the “devil” and the loss of the immortal soul if the people did not worship the One God (made by man) vs the Mother and Father God in ALL things. These Kings were so threatened by the wisdom of nature they began a campaign to wipe out all knowledge of how to use herbs, plants, numbers and astrology to gain information or heal illness by saying it was the workings of the devil. They created this campaign with their hidden evil under the guise of sharing the word of God to the people of the land and through this they began spreading rumors of witches. In 1487 there were 2 priests from the new religion that wrote a book based on the torture devices they created to torture a witch- it was called Malleus Maleficarum or

Hammer of Witches.

The fear was so great among the people they began to turn on each other if they saw anything suspicious, such as someone picking herbs, healing from the use of anything from nature or celebrating in the old ways on a Sabbat, because those practices had been outlawed and the punishment was death by fire, drowning, torture or hanging. To add fuel to the propaganda, they said symbols such as the pentagram were used to contact evil spirits and align with the devil himself.

They were able to take the beauty of the Elements, Mother Earth, Father Sky and turn it dark…. The flame went underground and the people experienced “The Dark Ages


I encourage you to explore the meaning of the Pentagram, The Elements, Astrology and Numerology because the most empowering thing is knowledge and knowing yourself-

Don’t take the opinion of others as True for YOU

Make it a Magickal Day!


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