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Sun, Apr 19
Omni Presence
Daily Witchual- Temple of Shamanic Magick
To say there is spirit in all things would be an understatement- Nature Spirits, Guides, Teachers, Angels, Ancestors and Allies are always among us- Ask and you shall know... Seek and you shall find...
Sun, May 03
Omni Presence
The Daily Witchual- Temple of Ceremonnial Magick
The first class on Ceremonial Magick was so powerful! We laughed, cried and shared very magickal and empowering moments
Sun, Feb 09
Omni Presence
The Daily Witchual- Temple of Ceremonial Magick
Once you add Ceremonial Magick to your daily practice- you open a whole new world of empowerment and connection
Sun, Feb 02
Omni Presence
The Daily Witchual- Outer Temple of Magick
We are Divinely connected to All that IS... Expand your Knowledge-Expand your World!
Sat, Jan 11
Omni Presence
Daily Witchual- Inner Temple of Magick
Within you is a Temple, a Sacred space that only you can travel, journey and visit. Your connection to the Divine, as well as your Magick is what you will find.
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