Upcoming Events
Sat, Jun 06
Location is given upon registration
Practical Magick with Tru
Practical Magick-foundational practices to use every day that will bring you more clarity, purpose and confidence!
Time is TBD
The DailyWitchual Online Magick Class
The Daily Witchual- An On-line Program
Introductory price to my new on-line classes- mystical teachings to empower your life!
Sun, May 03
Location given upon registration
To say there is spirit in all things would be an understatement- Nature Spirits, Guides, Teachers, Angels, Ancestors and Allies are always among us- Ask and you shall know... Seek and you shall find...
Sun, Feb 09
Omni Presence
The Daily Witchual- Temple of Ceremonial Magick
Once you add Ceremonial Magick to your daily practice- you open a whole new world of empowerment and connection
Sun, Feb 02
Omni Presence
The Daily Witchual- Outer Temple of Magick
We are Divinely connected to All that IS... Expand your Knowledge-Expand your World!
Sat, Jan 11
Omni Presence
Daily Witchual- Inner Temple of Magick
Within you is a Temple, a Sacred space that only you can travel, journey and visit. Your connection to the Divine, as well as your Magick is what you will find.
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