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As a Hairstylist
 I have been making beautiful people - more BEAUTIFUL!
My Clients call their appointmnts "Hairapy"

Hair is an "emotional accessory" with the ability to lift a woman up or crush her confidence!

Each client is important and unique,
and I feel she deserves the best I have to offer

I Love Doing Hair Extensions!

For more than 30 years, I have honed my hair extension skills, taken extensive certifications and taught other stylists the art of extending hair.

 I do many methods of Hair Extensions.... 

because, there is NOT just ONE type that is for every head-

Glue bond, Keratin bond, I-Tip, Invisible Bead Weft, Tape-in, and Strips-

 I also offer

Hair toppers and Halo versions for easy in/out methods.


Simply put...
Hair options are as individual as you are!

Tru Eastman-Vanity Hair Salon & Extensions
Orem  &   St George

Women's Cut &Style-$75.00 
Women's Cut-$55
Men's Cut-$55.00
Color -$125.00 and Up
Color Correction- starting @ $200 and Up based on the needs
Color Weaving-$150.00 and Up

Hair Extensions Pricing-By Consultation

 *Tape- *I-Tip-*Invisi-Bead Weft-*Gluebond- *Pre- Bond- *Veil-

*K-Tip - *Halo- *Hair Toppers

 Hair Extension Specialist ~
Color Expert ~

Master Stylist   
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Hair ExtensionGallery

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Hair Extension Consultation!

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