About Me

I am Tru Eastman- It feels like I have been on a path of empowerment since my existence.

My spiritual path and soul evolution led me to change my name from the given name of Mindi. Throughout my young life, I was often making up another name during play or adding a "new" middle name, I often felt like I was not Mindi. 

I was raised by pretty fantastic parents, that taught me "choice" was my number one asset- We have the power to choose!

I have to laugh at myself because changing or transforming is part of my nature and I realize there may be those who wonder what the heck I am doing!  I am me, I am following my flow- not the flow of society, or what others deem appropriate- Just BEing ME. I have always danced to my own drumbeat- Why dance to a beat that doesn't have a rhythm for me? As I evolve, so does what I call myself.


I have been in the beauty industry since 1982- and was able to earn my degree as an apprentice under my mom while I was in high school- My career has allowed me the opportunity to learn much about myself thru the vulnerable conversations with others that happen in the hair chair- I have always considered myself to be very fortunate to have a career that has never felt like a J.O.B- Every day presents a new adventure in learning, growing, connecting and discovering the inner beauty that resides deep inside all of us.

I am a Scorpio Sun sign- Scorpio Rising and Aries Moon. I am naturally drawn to the mystery in everything I am a deep thinker and feeler, sometimes to a tiring degree for others and must remind myself to have FUN too!


Being totally transparent, my biggest challenges have been to learn self-love, to appreciate my body and health, grow self-esteem, and get over the fear of people. To do this I have had to get out of my head, learn to open my heart, trust the process of life and override the fear of being hurt- I have experienced that even heart pain can be a beautiful experience when I allow myself to feel.


My biggest accomplishment in this life has been giving birth to two amazing children and watching them grow into amazing adults, who raise amazing children- That is where it's at for me.




I feel very honored to have the experience of being a Wife, Mom, Mimi to six grand kiddos, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Friend, Stylist, and Magick Maker!

I believe my parents would say I have always been independent and created the experiences I wanted to have.

I believe we are meant to have this rite

My wish for all of us is to trust ourselves to create the life we desire to live and then have JOY living it1

Sisters of the Moon Charity

I serve as the president of a non-profit charity organization that is focused on                                            Women Empowering Women!

To date, we have raised over $120,000. for local Utah charities such as The Rape Recovery Center, The Center for Women and Children in Crisis, The food and Care Coalition, Addict II Athlete and SOM Scholarships for Single Moms. Our team is filled with dedicated women and the men who love us!

It is incredibly inspiring to work together for a great cause!



Cosmetology Degree 1983

Schwartzkopf Color Specialist 1985

Brocato retail winner 1988

Dome Hair Extension Specialist 1989

Glue Bond Hair Extension Certification 1991

Walked on Fire 1994

Aromatherapy Certificate 1996

Reiki I, II, Mastery 1996, 2006

Keratin Bond Hair Extensions 2006

Micro Bead Hair Extension Certification 2007

Karuna Reiki 2010

Cord Cutting 2010

Holy Fire Reiki 2015

TOW 1 & 2 Inner & Outer Temple 2015

Access Consciousness Bars 2016

Access Consciousness Foundation 2016-2017


Access Bodies 2016

Universal Life Church Minister 2016

TOW 4  Ceremonial Magician 2017

TOW 5 High Priestess Minister 2019

Soul Spark 7

We have come together to BE light, Awaken others to the Mysteries of the Universe by Teaching Classes and Workshops, Hosting Full Moon Ceremonies and Sound Circles, offering SoulSpark 7 SignatureHealing Sessions, an Annual Retreat for Women, and so much more!

We are two individual and unique women who are business owners and leaders in our community, and best friends

I LOVE the opportunity to work and play with my Soul Sister!

Autumn Moon Jensen-Tru Eastman- SoulSpark7

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