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Energy Healing & Intuitive Soul Coaching

A New Beginning of Light, Love, and Leadership


Using techniques that I call “Soul Coaching” I guide an individual toward the power of transformation through healing the shadow patterns, and discovering that vulnerability is your power and potency as well as your ability to connect with others!

When it comes to life’s patterns, such as self-worth, money, sexuality, relationships, and the ability to speak your true will, it is easy to fall into the mold of our upbringing. Once we take that giant step toward facing our “shadow” ( the unseen forces of our beliefs) we begin to experience growth and change.

We can look beyond our “story” with a desire to let go of what isn’t working any more, and open our hearts to compassion for ourselves and others..... The result? We live expanded and able to see the love all around us!

I have arrived at this knowing through experience. I’ve learned we must go within to find our truth, and it takes sincere dedication to face our shadows and begin the healing journey.


It is with this foundation that I reach out to touch your spirit and guide you to heal your soul and empower your life!

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Shamanic Journey Cord Cutting-        $150.00/ 90 min

Access Consciousness Bars-                 $100.00/ 60 min

Access Consciousness Bodies-              $150.00/ 90 min

Energy Healing Session-                   $150.00/ 90 min

Intuitive Soul Coaching-                   $150.00/ 90 min

(in person or Zoom available)


Why Choose to Work with Me?

For 30 years, I have studied the esoteric sciences, such as astrology, numerology, qabalah and tarot.

I am a "Hairapist" (you know every sylists has a masters in psychology, right??)


I call upon the Divine Mother and Father God and my personal Guides, Teachers, Angels, Allies and Ancestors for direction and answers.


Crystals, candles, divination cards, spells and daily ritual are a few ways that I guide an individual through my soul coaching techniques.

I perform shamanic journeys, soul retrieval and energy cord cuttings for clients.

I love to introduce clients and students to the power and serenity of daily rituals and ceremonial magick such as moon magick, calling in their personal team of guides, focused prayer, meditation, opening chakras, and attuning to nature.

What is a Cord Cutting?

These are “information highways” that keep you connected to your past relationships, and pain, and are possibly sabotaging your current reality-

We all have energetic connections that influence our thoughts and actions as if on autopilot. Often times, we think about our action in hindsight, and wonder what in the world made us act in such a way or make the choices we made. This is the influence of carrying “others” energy.

When would you want to cut cords?

As an adult, you may want your cords cut from your parents, in order to live an independent path, making decisions that come form your center, as opposed to making a decision that you feel would make your parents happy. This does not disconnect you from any relationship of importance, in fact it can make your relationships stronger, as you learn to navigate with your authentic energy.

If you have been divorced or had sexual and intimate relationships that are now over, you will want to “disconnect” your energy so you can both move on with ease.

Cords are also created when you have had a huge argument and feel hatred or strong dislike.

These are just a few of the reasons to take this opportunity to set yourself free and remove the cords that bind you in energy less than love and light.

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