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Mystical Teachings to Empower Your Life

YOU are the Magick!

My passion for learning and teaching runs deep in my Soul!

As a mentor, I enjoy sharing with others, tools to discover their own Magick.

I teach classes, and host retreats, as well as one on one coaching.

Life is full of mystical teachings, waiting to be explored, and it starts with YOU!

My Magickal Program Includes:

  • Lifetime Access to the Inner Temple of Magick Course: Three-hour recorded class will guide you to the foundation of your mystical practice  

  • ​Lifetime Access to two Outer Temple of Magick Courses: Two three-hour recorded classes will guide you to recognize the sacred synchronicities in all things

  • ​Lifetime Access to the TruMagick Videos:  Learn to Cast a Circle, Call in the Directions, Lead Moon Ceremonies and Create an Altar

  • PDF Worksheets and Handouts:  Each class includes multiple worksheets and info 

  • ​TruMagick Meditations:  5 Unique Meditations to be used in your mystical practice 

  • Exclusive Facebook Group: Join with like-minded magickal people, share and learn in a group setting 

Here is what others have said about my classes:

*Thank you for an amazing class today. I am extremely blessed and grateful to be able to learn from you. And even more blessed to have guides that lead me to you so I can learn and grow. 🙏🏽 K.P

*Thank you Tru M Eastman, your classes are fabulous...V.F

*I seriously walk away in such complete awe and empowerment each time I take a class from Tru. She puts so much detail and depth into each class. The information leaves me so excited to grow on my journey! Tru teaches in such a way that each person truly receives what they are needing from the class. She is right there to show you and explain each step. She teaches with compassion and a true love for everyone who enters her sacred space. K.P

*This astrology event was one of the coolest experiences I've had. Learning how everything connects to everything was amazing. Tru was fabulous and the atmosphere amazing. I loved every minute and will definitely be doing more classes in the future. 💗T.J

*I attended Tru's class on astrology and just loved it. Like-minded soul sisters, we all learned so many things. Thank you, Tru for all the info, I have so much to learn! S.S

"Through Daily Practice and Rituals, You Will Expand Your Inner Light and Gain the Confidence to Share Your Gifts With the World."        Tru Eastman

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