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I am offering you a 30-page report that will detail all of those little symbols and their meanings for just $30.00!


The blueprint is for ALL of us and each blueprint is unique- NO TWO are the same… EVER…Just as no two faces, bodies, realities, experiences or lives are the same… EVER… We are Unique and we are given the same “system” to create our own realities from- On one hand it is very complex, and on the other it is very simple- It is truly a language of collective individuality!

We are affected by the moon just as the ocean tides are pulled in and out- The powerful sun is the life sustaining force on this planet of earth, aka our home. The planets are like characters in our ”Life Play “ The 12 Zodiac houses create the scenes and each of the zodiac signs play a role assigned to them though the study of Astrology. We are a part of the entire “Life Play” on an individual and collective basis. We are able to gain valuable information about our motivators by recognizing our strengths, weaknesses, challenges and blessings, according to our soul blueprint also known as our Natal Chart.

This 30 page report will give you the details of your specific blueprint- you will read your story- and you may recognize many truths that can leave you feeling amazed and wondering “how could this little bit of information be so spot on!”- Ultimately you are taking an opportunity to explore aspects of you! It is always FUN to get a more clear look into our personality and traits!

Natal Chart Detail Report

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