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My program includes:

*Four instructional videos for four new rituals

*Printable PDF worksheet for each ritual

*Clear explanations of each ritual

*My personal breakdowns of the powers of each ritual

*My guidance as a High Priestess on how to practice each ritual in your daily life


Learn how to:


*Call upon the 4 directions and the 5 elements for protection and manifestation

*Use the tools of magick to lay the foundation of your true confidence

*Transform the areas of your life that no longer fit

*Create sacred space in your home, office and life

*Clear your mind--to use your magick and manifest more powerfully

*Shift your perspective to open the greater possibilities of your life


My Initiate YOUR Own Magick program is full of juicy guidance and clear direction toward healing your shadows (that which holds you back, causes fear or self- sabotage) and transforming them  into your power!


Your power is YOUR path. It comes from within, sometimes disguised as “troublesome.” Shadows are only dark until YOU shine the light upon them. I am offering you a path of light that can only be discovered for YOU by YOU.


Initiate YOUR Own Magick Program

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