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Sun, Apr 25



Chakras Crystals and Candle Magick

Chakras, Crystals and Candles .. OH MY!! Deepen your wisdom on these favored subjects - I will teach you many ways to synchronize your magick!

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Chakras Crystals and Candle Magick
Chakras Crystals and Candle Magick

Time & Location

Apr 25, 2021, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Orem, 650 N Geneva Rd, Orem, UT 84057, USA


About the Event

Chakras, Crystals and Candles .. OH MY!! Deepen your wisdom on these favored subjects - I will teach you many ways to synchronize your magick!

In this segment of the Foundation of a Mystic series our focus turns to a favorite of mine!

(who am I kidding?.. they are all my favorite subjects!)



The seven main Chakras are a foundational teaching for anyone with a desire to empower and transform their life~

You will learn the in depth, the 7 Chakras- and the synchronisities that will guide you to a deeper understanding.

  • 7th Chakra relates to Divine Wisdom, Higher Self, Life Path
  • 6th Chakra relates to your Vision, Psychic Intuition, Spiritual Guidance
  • 5th Chakra relates to your Communication, Aligning Choices with Divine Will
  • 4th Chakra relates to Love, Compassion, Forgiveness
  • 3rd Chakra relates to your Self Esteem, Self Control, Joy, Courage
  • 2nd Chakra relates to your Relationships, Creativity, Sexuality, Work
  • 1st Chakra relates to your Foundation & Physical Health

For each of the 7 chakra centers, you will learn which crystals are used to activate each chakra- which essential oils are best to bring balance to these vital energy centers. You will learn the element and the astrology associated with each chakra. You will learn which systems of the body are associated with each chakra. 

*Candle Magick:

You will learn how to create quick and easy spells with Candle Magick- 

The elements, plus the written word- is a powerful combination! 

Candle Magick is a kind of alchemy, where all elements are represented — fire of the flame, air to feed it, melted wax for water, and solid wax for earth. Beyond those basic elements, you can then incorporate whatever colors, herbs, oils, crystals and other candle dressings you want that best serve your desired result. You can do candle magick with any type of candle, as long as your intention is there.


We will focus on the healing properties of the stones given in the class and different ways to use them.

In addition, this class explains how to store and care for your crystals by cleaning, clearing, programing, and charging them to amplify their healing abilities. 

We’ll also focus on some of the ways crystals and other stones are used in healing methods, enhancing meditation, and promoting spiritual development. 

During the class you will also experience a full crystal therapy session and meditation to clear and balance your energy system.

This class will give you a deeper understanding in one of Mother Nature’s wonderful and natural therapies, and you’ll soon find yourself pleasantly involved in crystal energy as part of your daily life.

My class includes:

A class workbook created by me to support your learning and continued mystical practice.

A set of chakra stones and a pendulum

Light snacks and drinks-

I believe we must feed the body, mind, and five senses while we learn!

I look forward to seeing you!

Stay Magickal!

Love, Tru


Class 1 The 5 Elemental Tools & How to Use Them- Jan 31

Class 2 Casting Your Sacred Space- February 21

Class 3 Moon Magick- March 21

Class 4 Chakras Crystals and Candle Magick-April 25

Class 5 Spell Crafting- May 16

Class 6 Wheel of the Year- June 13

Class 7 Connect with Your Spirit Guides- July 11

Class 8 Astrology- August 22

Class 9 Numerology- September 26

Class 10 Space Clearing- October 24

Class 11 Tarot Cards/ Divination- November 21

Class 12 Cord Cutting - December 12


  • Chakras Crystals Candle Magick

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