I love the transformation

and magick of life..

Tru Eastman Specializing in ALL methods of

Hair Extensions-Coloring -Cutting & Styling

Utah's Best Hair Extensions!

Tru is a Soul Coach for Women and Teaches classes on all subjects

Magickal, Mystical & Metaphysical.

"YOU are the Beauty and Magick -

Express it and Share it with the World!"


I enjoy sharing with others, new ways to find their Magick

In the salon, I combine my love of hair transformation and soul growth with each of my clients-

It's never just about hair!

Outside the salon,

I teach classes, soul coach individual sessions,

and host retreats 

My passion for learning and teaching runs deep in my soul

Life is full of mystery just waiting to be


I de-mystify the Mysteries... and believe it's only a mystery until you learn about it

I am Tru-Magickal Me- I love life and I believe we make our own happiness and magick- 

I have always believed in Alchemy-

the ability to transform the situations in your life into something better! 

 I have been making beautiful people - more BEAUTIFUL!

As a Hairstylist
 Hair Extension Specialist ~ Color Expert -
Master Stylist   

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What People Say...

1 would describe Tru as a confident person who is not scared to try something different, personally or professionally. Tru is a positive person and she radiates with positivity. It is contagious to the people she surrounds herself with. She has a calm demeanor and doesn’t panic in Ihigh stress situations.  I feel like she is consistently working to better herself on a level that most people aren’t willing to even delve into.

I feel that Tru is a true friend. She is always there for me, even if we haven’t spoken in a while. She is also a very caring mom, sister, aunt and daughter, which I have felt honored as a friend to see what a great person she is in all of these roles. I feel that Tru is nonjudgmental and a great listener. These are just a few…

I Love you and am thankful to have you as a friend.

XOXO Theresa

I have known Tru Eastman for many, many years. I have found her to be very honest, forward, an above average woman. Her influence in my life has been something I would not change for the world! Her wisdom, her talent, her inner and outer beauty is extraordinary. I would recommend her for her teaching experience, her talent in doing hair and her knowledge of business to anyone! She has truly blessed my life.

Jo Bensen

Tru is one of those intoxicating creatures that always has more on the inside that you simply didn't see until she unfolded before you.  She's deep, personal, joyful, and reflective--always learning, and then sharing her vast knowledge. While she's an icon in the beauty industry, she defines herself as a goddess: mom, wife, grandma, businesswoman, and then, oh yeah... beauty icon. It's not only refreshing, I love to be in her presence.  While she works on my hair to create and play with gorgeous waves and color, she plays with gorgeous ripples and vibrations in my soul. I leave a better woman -- a goddess walking out -- than I did walking in.

Love you to pieces!


-The foundation of Practical Magick begins with the Elements of

Fire, Earth, Air, Water and Spirit

  • Tune into your inner guidance system, and find your purpose in life, get better at decision-making, and become more empowered and confident in every area

    of your life!

  • I'm a successful female entrepreneur, high energy and enthusiastic motivational speaker!

    Find out more about my speaking engagements!

  • I believe in all forms of love. ...

    I am a non-denominational Ordained Minister and Wedding Officiant.

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